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I am a 18 years old girl, done with my levels and trynna figure out some problems which are psychotic minds dealing with in their daily lives , if any of you are interested to read out some exciting life hacks , problems you guys are going through you can share it here on my blog , i will be trying my best to help you all out by telling some realistic solutions which you can all apply to your problems!! guys do give it a look 😊

Lets deal with them 😊


Stop all the clocks , cutt off the telephone,

Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,

Silence the pianos and with muffled drum,

Bring out the coffin , let the mourness come 

Let the Aeroplanes circle moaning overhead,

Scrubbling in the sky the message, He is dead,

Put crepe bows round, the white necks of the public doves ,

Let the traffic policeman wear black cotton gloves

He was my north , my south , my east but entirely my beast, 

My working week and my sundays rest with a bunch of deeds,

My noon , my midnight , my talk , my song,

I thought that love would last forever but, i was Wrong

The stars are not wanted now , as he is gone,

Now i am alone , so alone , so alone,

Dismantle the sun and pack up the moon,

Pour away the ocean and destroy them woods ,

For nothing now can ever come to any good!!✨

** Life is risky , 

                            Love is dangerous ,

             Both are worth it **
//Thankyouuu❤😊Roshaan for the help you did , really appreciable💯//

                                                 ••    Written by: Kinza.

The Most Common Problems Teenagers Face Today!!

Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; between 13 and 19-years-old. During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. Teens go through, and are expected to cope with hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, work and school pressures, as well as encountering many conditions and problems. Teens feel overwhelmed when faced with unprecedented stresses concerning school and college, and career confusion situations. Those who have absentee parents are exposed to more unfavorable states of life. The issues that teenagers face today vary but these issues can be dealt with easily if parents and other guardians can understand the symptoms of their problems. Parents need to approach their children, who have been suffering from one or more teenage problems, carefully and in a friendly manner to discuss the problem(s). Many teens feel misunderstood. It is vital that their feelings and thoughts are validated and that the validation comes from their parents.

The most common problems that teenagers face today include: Self-Esteem and Body Image Stress Bullying Depression Cyber Addiction Drinking and Smoking Teen Pregnancy Underage Sex Child Abuse Peer-Pressure and Competition Eating Disorders

Surprisingly, all of these problems are connected to one another, like a chain reaction. When the teens face self-esteem and body image problems, they can become frustrated, resulting in eating disorders. The teens start feeling stress when they are exposed to peer-pressure and competition at school, or child abuse at home. Many teens take to drinking and smoking in order to relieve the stress. Many may run away from home, play computer games, and start chatting online with strangers. Computer games and online chatting can result in addiction. Many teens feel further stress when they get bullied online. Others may become easy targets of online predators and once treated badly, they turn to more harmful practices. Those who cannot find love at home or support at schools start to build relationships with friends in school or local areas, resulting in unsafe or underage sex, and possible teen pregnancy. Many become addicted to drugs and harm themselves when they cannot get results. Many teens resort to crimes once they feel they cannot get any help or support.

However, the most common problems teenagers face today are described below: 

1) Self-Esteem and Body Image : Teenagers undergo and have to cope with numerous body changes. Some teenagers feel too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, etc. This feeling leads them to spend time wishing they were not too skinny, too short, their hair was not too curly or vice versa. The problem with this feeling is that it affects their self-image. As a teenage boy or girl’s body changes, so does the self. When they do not like something in themselves, they have self-esteem and body image problems. They also perceive others, particularly schoolmates, to view them as they view themselves. They can suffer more from these problems when they have trouble adjusting.

Hormonal changes have huge effects on the general growth and mood of the teens. Puberty changes tempt teenagers to compare themselves with people around them and when they find they do not match their standards, they feel low. They also compare themselves with those seen on TV, in movies, and in the magazines. Most youths’ ability to develop positive self-esteem is affected by family life and parental criticism. Teenagers who experience negative comments about their appearances, the way they talk, etc stuff also develop poor self-esteem and body image.

2) Bullying :  Bullying is one of the worst teenage problems and affects millions of youths. Bullying causes fear in the minds of kids, and makes them nervous going to school each day. The adults do not always witness the bullying in their lives. The teenage children may be subject to heavy bullying as they may not understand how extreme it can get. Any form of bullying is relentless, causing the affected teenagers to live in a state of constant fear. Two of the prime reasons teens are bullied are their appearance and social status. Bullying has caused many serious and life threatening problems for bullied teens. As they get bullied often in school, their academics, and mental health suffer. 

3) Depression : Depression is one of the worst problems that some teenagers suffer from and it can lead to more problems in the future. Depression may arise from poor self-esteem and body image problems. If that is the reason of depression in a teen, then parents should talk to the teen, listen to their child, comfort him or her, and accept their child for who they are. It is crucial that teens feel validated in their feelings and thoughts because what they are going through is a real part of their lives. Parents and guardians should not judge or criticize their feelings or thoughts. They should tell the teen how important it is to have high self-esteem and be comfortable in their body.

Depression symptoms in teenagers may be exhibited in various ways. Changes in sleep patterns, eating habits, declined interest in normal and healthy activities, dropping grades in school and college, and preferred isolation are all signs of depression. When teenagers exhibit one or all of these symptoms parents should intervene immediately. If teenagers begin talking about their depression, then they should be allowed to express their feelings, and parents should validate their feelings by listening to them without interrupting the conversation.

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It’s just like a book , you read one page of it everyday and one day it comes to an end where you are left with nothing only a white sheet covering your body and depending on your religion you are treated for the funeral. It’s just that live your life the way you want to on your own demands and perspectives , do what your heart says , but sometimes it’s good to listen to your heart but sometimes it gets quite dumb so it’s good to think with your brain and do what it says as it’s your life!!😊